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Retire your family karma, questions.

Questions from the book "Retire your family Karma" by Ashok Bedi, MD. and Boris Mathews, PH. D.

Describe your grandparent’s relationship. What similarities and/or differences do you recognize between their relationship and your intimate relationships?

I know that Grandpa Parker wrote down his thoughts while he was working , I know that he playfully stole fancy coffe mugs from a certain caffe every Friday just to get gGrandma Parker’s goat. I know that Grandma Parker Had a strickt side and a playful side, She did’nt like to play board games but she thought that it was funny to try to get away with cheeting at the board game, rather than take it seriously, Mothering she took seriously.
Grandpa Kiernan was a cop, and he was a good one according to all accounts, I think Bill Kiernan probably has a lot more William  Aloisius Kiernan in him than I do.
Grnadma Kiernan I knew her best out of all four Grand parents, she was generally a liberated woman who would give slaves food and tell them to eat it in the closet, she loved baseball in her later years The Mets, and learned to drive after her husband died.

I suppose there are some similarities between their relationships with each other and the relationships I have had with friends and lovers through out the years, I never really thought about it.

How do/did each of your grandparents react emotionally to various situations?
Do you find yourself reacting in similar ways, even though your reactions don’t make any sense to you?

Why would’nt they make sense to me? What if they don’t does everything Have to make sense? I imagine Grandpa Kiernan being very level headed as a cop.
That’s why I have no problems with cops, even when they are shit heads to me I can handle cops, it’s always been that way.
I think Grandma Parker’s way of cheating at board games so as to not take them too seriously is in me in some respects in life , even though I do live some board games.

I have reactions to various situations emotionally that don’t make some sense like why do I obsess so much after something traumatically goes wrong. There is shock and then there is a period of not thinking about it and then there is a period of my mind thinking about it too much and fantasies become hijacked, instead of fantasizing about what I want The fantasy gets hijacked , it’s part of my obsessive way of dealing with and not dealing with things, I hate it.Non of that makes complete sense. I thrive on harmony but I guess I need to know what disharmony feels like in order to know what harmony feels like in order to recognize it and appreciate it.

Recall or write down any dreams in which your father or mother , or grandfather or grandmother, does something noticeably out of character (i.e. differently than they act in waking life). This question will make more sense later when we discuss dreams and the information they can provide.

Well I did have a dream in 1997 that I got my mother pregnant. But I di not remember any sex, it was announced and Matt Kiernan was a t the table and every one know instantly that I was the father. I had a dream recently that my Mom and I were captured in an attic and we were to live out the rest of our days in this attic and we were growing potatoes by the windows and the potatoes were held up by tooth picks.
I remember having dreams that Grandma Kiernan was still alive..I don’t remember her doing anything unusual. I did have a dream about my Dad recently that there was a photograph of him sleeping as a baby, and then Linda said to my “Your Dad died in 2000, right?” and Dad looked at her with a baleful stare , and I said “No here’s right there sleeping like a baby!” And he was, just like in the picture , but now he’s old. Again I don’t remember him doing anything “out of character”.
If I had dreams about Grandma Parker they were long ago and are stored deep away.
If I had dreams about Grandpa Parker or Kiernan they too are dormant and I can not recall a single one right now.

What physical ailments do you have that “run in the family” for which there appears to be no medical treatment?

Well sense you’ve asked me the question, I will answer it, none.There is medical treatment for many and any ailments. But had you asked “What physical ailments do you have that run in the family .” Well that’s a different question. Heart disease does run a bit on the maternal side , but I have a very strong heart and I’m not worried about it. Both Grandfathers died of cancer, back when there was no known treatment. I did have a lymph node cancer removed and was treated for it with kemo and radiation when I was a young teen, but I’m not worried at all about cancer.
Grandma Parker died of Alzheimer’s , I suspect that will come up again in the maternal side. Grandma Kiernan had I believe a heart attack , I’m not sure, at he age of 78 in 1978.
Dyslexia , there have been a few , but most familys have some dyslexia thrown in.I believe every one is dyslexic at birth and we mostly just grow out of it. But some grow out of it much slower.I still have alot of it holding on, but most of it is "Straitened out"

What sort of work do you do? Who among your older relatives (parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles) does /did the same sort of work you do?
What do/did your older relatives say about the line of work you are in?

I am an artist. I am skilled and gifted with imagination. I have no blood line with Uncle Rudy, we are related by his marriage to my Aunt, he is the only professional artist on my mother’s paternal side. His daughter has some talent and so does his son Louis.
Grandpa parker’s art was thinking I guess and some writing. I remember seeing some stuff he jotted down when I was a teen , Grandpa Kiernan’s art was being a Police officer. This could be part of my diplomacy skills and part of my political awareness in some way, but that was his artHe was also a singer and a dancer who sang in black face at times. My father’s art was putting out fires as a firefighter and golfing and socializing he has many arts, but the one he was professional at was being chief I guess. My Mother’s art would be to give insight and helpful information and to be generous and diplomatically sound with out rocking the boat. There are not a lot of musicians, but it is possible that I inherited my desire to make music and live it from the maternal side.
John Giordano and his brother Danny and Louis Defilice are all musicians as well.
Who knows?

If you are an adopted child, what attitudes and behaviors do you have that have no precedent in your adoptive family?

I totally feel adopted. Absolutly. I must be adopted. I share very little with my siblings. They both share very little , It’s hard to believe they are related. Matt does loves Bill’s kids very much that’s for sure. We all do like movies and we all know music of some sort or another, we all like the Beatles and we all Like the Simpsons, (Classic Simpsons anyway).
Other than that we are three very adopted kids. Nothing alike what so ever.We have shared a life out of the circumstance that we have the same parents. I like them both just fine as individuals, they can be lame about this or that but should’nt be judged too harshly.
What attitudes and behaviors do I have that have no precedent in my adoptive family? Where do I start?
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