wooden_thomas (wooden_thomas) wrote,

Empire State Building Jokes Part One

- What did the cat say to the mouse with three leggs? - "That's one hell of a U boat!"

-How many dead praying mantises does it take to screw in a light bulb?- A:Five.

-There was once an old lady crossing the street with a purple poka dot umberella and a guy yelled out the window -" Hey lady!, Where did you get that Purple poka dot umberella? and she answered, "In your girlfriend's sister's closet mister!"

-Why did the monkey's eye ball fall out of his eye socket?-Because he died!

- There are two ways to skin a co co nut. 1. use the radiator and 2. call an acountant!

- What's white and soft and sometimes found in a museum of natural history? - a donkey with a red clown nose from Pompai !

- An old lady had a parot that smelled so bad , she kept it in her chasity belt!

- There was a shark in the water and every one ran out screaming on to the beach, a young woman asked me what time it was, and I said time to go home and watch " Wheel of Fortune!"

-There was once a parot that had an old lady that talked so frequently , it fed her cheerios just to keep her from proposing to the rooster!

-What did the dinosaur say to the peanut farmer? - You gonna make toothpaste with that?
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