wooden_thomas (wooden_thomas) wrote,


What do you get when you mix a moose with a nun?
I don’t know but It sure doesn’t cover the wall paper! :

Why did the chicken floss the toad? to get away from Chester Allan Arthur.

A pair of boots were walking on their own with no one walking inside of them, After they stopped they didn’t move at all. Then they started sliding across the floor , and a wild vine started to grow out of them. The End

How many morons does it take to elect a light bulb for president ? One dimmer than them all!

A saber tooth tiger with a swollen foot came across a lime tree .There he saw a beautiful princess bathing in a spring beneath it . She was just about to grant the Tiger three wishes. but it killed her. The End.

If Count Chocula , Chelsea Clinton, and FrankenBerry all had a baby together , what would it taste like? ……..
Probably Fish

What do you get when you go bowling with a stripper?……. Braids!

Did you hear about the cherry tree they discovered on the moon? It was crying and singing “Where did every body go?”

My friends mother is so fat , she has to wear a hair net when she reads in the sun!

A boy with a telescope ran home excited and called for his mother! Mom, Mom!, Come look at this! The boy’s mother looked at the palm of the boys hand and saw a tiny cow!
it was singing on the head of a pin , “Well, that’s Show biz”!

What did the Undertaker say to the coroner when he sneezed?. Who do you think you are? Al Jolson?

What did Fay Wray say to King Kong when he went out for a loaf of bread?
Where the hell have you been ? Broke back Mountain?

What do you get when you mix the Easter Bunny with Santa Clause , Spock from Star Trek and a stick of butter? ……………….
Miss Piggy and boy is she pissed off!
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